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based in scientific and industrial progress

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of or relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles


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The company will launch technological platforms to make use of all the banking applications, whether those provided by the company or by competitors.
At the heart of the debate over the potential effectiveness of sustainable development is the question of whether technological change can reduce the impact of economic development sufficiently to ensure other types of change will not be necessary.
This report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development argues that the world's least developed countries should adopt policies for stimulating technological catch-up focusing on proactive technological learning by domestic enterprises over conventionally understood technological transfer and on commercial innovation over scientific research.
This report is the product of a two-year study by the Committee on Assessing Technological Literacy, a group under the auspices of the U.
Selection criteria for the Tibbetts Award include the economic impact of technological innovation, business achievement and effective collaborations, and demonstrated state and regional impact.
Given that higher education is steeped in a history of balancing pedagogy with new technology (Katz, 2003), the administrative trend of courseware poses significant challenges particularly for teacher educators responsible for preparing teachers in content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and practical knowledge (Sternberg & Horvath, 1995) in addition to technological proficiency (NETS-T, 2000).
At these rates, he projects that humanity will run into a technological dead end by mid-century.
Industries, businesses, government agencies, and private households all benefit from a healthy and well-protected technological environment.
There is little evidence that high-tech classrooms have done anything to improve student achievement, and instead may be hurting and undermining children's real technological literacy, according to a new report.
The accelerated technological development that has created a new civilization and has so quickly integrated so many economically, due to the Internet.
Well-known examples from earlier in the century, such as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy's Light Space Modulator, 1921-30, and Marcel Duchamp's Rotary Demisphere, 1925, manifestly employed to opposite ends technological components and, more important, ideas or ideologies of technological progress.
Application: An emerging technological method of analyzing watermarks could replace visual methods as the commonly accepted way to assess and compare the quality of watermarks.
But most of my attackers deal in feelings either feminist or technological, or both.
Technological Change and the United Stares Navy, 1865-1945.
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