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an expert who is a member of a highly skilled elite group

an advocate of technocracy

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As many as 300 MNAs cast their votes on one each seat of General and technocrat from Islamabad.
From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 27 candidates will contest the polls, of which 14 will contest for General seats, while five and eight candidates will contest the seats reserved for Technocrats and Women, respectively.
Azam Khan Swati of PTI, Dilawar Khan of PML-N, Sheikh Yaqoob of JUI-F and Maulana Samiul-Haq and Dr Mohammad Nisar are to contest the polls as independent candidates for technocrat seats.
According to private information of Iraqi Altaghier channel, al-Abadi told the Iraqi president that he intends to bring about a comprehensive change in the composition of his government and restructure it on a technocrat basis, so as the number of ministers in the government which is intended to be formed, do not exceed than fifteen ministers.
National Bank of Romania (BNR) governor, Mugur Isarescu, said that a technocrat government could stand the challenges ahead if it has a clear and limited mandate.
This was in contrast with other technocrats such as Roberto Ongpin, Marcos' minister of trade and industry (19791986), who pushed for the Asean 11 major industrial projects that never took off.
The dictionary defines technocrat as technical expert, like a scientist, engineer, economist, or technologist.
Seven senators of Punjab elected on common seats, two from Ulema and technocrat seats, while, seven senators of Sindh on common seats, two from Ulema and technocrat seats, and two from women seats would be retired in 2015.
But in times of crisis, the voice of the neutral technocrat gains greater legitimacy.
Summary: Technocrat and economist known as "Super Mario" tasked with turning around debt-wracked Italian economy.
NNA - 26/5/2011 - Lebanese Forces Executive Body head, Samir Geagea, renewed on Thursday the call to form a technocrat government to address people's pending issues 'until a better political situation prevails.
An Egyptian official said that Egypt will push forward to help these talks succeed and form a technocrat government between Fatah and Hamas, whose members will be agreed on by both parties.
If it is difficult to satisfy the groups that make up the political class in Lebanon with regard to the division of shares, let a technocrat government be formed to run affairs until the politicians agree on an equal participation in the government and administration.
Al-Rasheq said Hamas "had not veto" on a technocrat government of specialists if it was agreed upon and composed of existing political factions.
The main theme of Reflections of a Technocrat is the way McLucas repeatedly made himself available throughout his life.