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a form of government in which scientists and technical experts are in control

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Asia could drift towards a technocracy a model operated by technical experts and expert government servants which delivers quick results, Malik claimed.
The cases of India, Indonesia and the Philippines are pertinent to the discussion of technocracy vs.
Technocracy has been a central feature of European integration from the beginning.
Henri de Saint-Simon and Thorstein Veblen were criticized by Marx and Engels as "utopian socialists," whose socialist views are closely related to technocracy, yet quite different from the CPC's ruling system.
Even though the speaker continually rhapsodizes about decentralism and 'Third Wave' forms of flexible governance, his environmental vision is little more than top-down technocracy.
But with centralised algorithms coming to manage every facet of society, data-driven technocracy is threatening to overwhelm innovation and democracy.
More importantly, the existence of NICE, and how it functions, illustrates how politics and technocracy are deeply entangled at the international or global level.
The European Union was the ultimate triumph of technocracy.
Geological Survey was further complicated by his political views and involvement in the technocracy movement, which argued that technical experts should control governments and industries.
This paper considers how the technocracy contributes to the mobilisation of policy, and in doing so suggests that this allows for a systematic explanation for policy mobility that is based on a particular form of expert practice rather than ideologies such as neoliberalism.
What the humanities had to offer was actually a perspective that didn't subordinate itself to the technological fantasies of the digital technocracy.
Experience shows, however, that technocracy, because largely borrowed from outside, tends to get rarefied and disconnected from the realities on the ground.
For all but a few of our elders, our waking and sleeping are shaped by the dictates of a rather unforgiving pattern, crafted by an economically based technocracy.
celebrates this upgrade in public transport as a sign of being one step closer to the hallowed modernity promised by governments of technocracy and technologies of governance, a lower- caste groom has to wear a helmet to ride a horse to his own wedding ceremony.
THE Troika was branded "an uncaring technocracy of neo-liberal zealots devoid of empathy" by a former union chief yesterday.