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technical jargon from computing and other high-tech subjects

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London, January 23 ( ANI ): Compared to comprehending the latest tech jargon - or technobabble - most adults find understanding foreign languages a relative doddle, researchers say.
And Whedon, to his credit, gives his actors the space to inhabit their characters without getting bogged down in sci-fi technobabble or needless exposition.
So you can see how it got our hopes up, only to dash them with all the technobabble on the back end.
A sentiment that keeps us buying the next generation of technobabble shooting gear.
More cynical readers might be tempted to suspect Deasy's deep ties to monopolistic software moguls like Bill Gates and technobabble charlatans like Tom Vander Ark as possible explanations for his intentional razing of school libraries in favor of profitable, but income exclusive, ebooks.
Phil Agius attempts to cut through the technobabble at Silverstone NOT everybody likes change.
He answers difficult questions as clearly as he can, he avoids too much bogus football technobabble, he acknowledges that his team is not playing well, and he was diplomatic without being vacuous during the tricky transition between owners.
net/news/localtravel/ TECHNOBABBLE All the latest internet, games and technology news and gossip.
Like "Battlestar," "Caprica" seems to be able to make connections to our own times that go beyond the usual sci-fi series mythology and technobabble.
The film opens brilliantly, setting up the premise and involving you with the characters and the stakes, establishing a relatively credible scientific foundation without attempting to baffle you with technobabble.
She said: "We understand the issues and pressures of their business and that they don't want to spend all day at a computer trying to work out some overly complicated technobabble.
gov site was a nightmare of technobabble and vague categories to search.
For the past two years, we have circumvented the technobabble barrier surrounding digital photography by using streamlined concepts and metaphors that compare photography to the students' daily decision- making processes.
Instead, he finally managed to launch it in something called 'safe mode' and proceeded to tell me, in the kind of indecipherable mumbo-jumbo technobabble all IT technicians love to use, exactly what was wrong with it.
Factually correct, with only a few instances of confusing technobabble, Visions of the Cosmos provides through words and images all that its title advertises.