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someone whose occupation involves training in a specific technical process

someone known for high skill in some intellectual or artistic technique

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All those who successfully complete the Master Technician Program earn the special Master Technician designation.
The demand for 464,000 new pilots and maintenance technicians is a large number, and it translates into challenging, high-tech career opportunities for those who are interested in aerospace," said Sherry Carbary, vice president, Boeing Flight Services.
Anticipated demand for new pilots and technicians by global region is: Asia Pacific 216,000 pilots and 224,000 technicians,Europe 94,000 pilots and 102,000 technicians, North America 88,000 pilots and 109,000 technicians,Latin America 45,000 pilots and 44,000 technicians,Middle East 55,000 pilots and 62,000 technicians,Africa 17,000 pilots and 19,000 technicians,Russia and CIS 18,000 pilots and 24,000 technicians.
The second phase of the work of the Technician Council will be overseen by the Engineering and Science Councils and aims to drive forward promotion of the professional status and wider recognition for technicians at every stage in the pathway from school student to experienced professional.
Finally, the Pharmacy Technicians Guide tells the aspiring technicians about the availability of jobs in their states and what kind of pharmacy technician salary they can expect from these positions.
Certification through PTCB represents an excellent pathway to employment for pharmacy technicians practicing in the United States," says Melissa Murer Corrigan, executive director and chief executive officer of PTCB.
The implementation of this recommendation will address the need for minimum standards for technician servicing that is consistent throughout Australia.
The apprentices are lucky to have a technician of his calibre teaching them.
We have 1 technician in charge of hospital cases (treatments), and the other one helps in clinics and with procedures.
The Electrical Generator Systems Technician certification program anticipates setting a standard for the power generation industry, which EGSA hopes will ultimately develop and mature as an opportunity to implement licensing programs within states.
As the technician gains experience and the physician's and audiologist's comfort level allows, the technician can work on his or her own in a variety of settings, providing an array of services.
Her technician at Wonder Nails in Valencia will spruce them up with baby blue for Christmas.
After diagnosing the problem, the automotive service technician must determine whether parts are repairable or in need of replacement, and then perform the necessary work.
To take the exam, a technician must have either five years of work experience or have graduated from a five-year union apprenticeship.
WASHINGTON -- The Army is looking for candidates to fill some of its 45 different warrant officer specialties, including the new military occupational specialty 923A petroleum systems technician, authorized for Oct.
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