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Synonyms for technicality

a small, often specialized element of a whole

Synonyms for technicality

a detail that is considered insignificant

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In the judgement it said the decision was based on a technicality, but did not explain further.
The wholesale failure of a police operation to appreciate the significance [of the law] is not to be dismissed as a technicality.
PCCI said this technicality would deprive the government of the P8.
Tribunal judge Mr Charles Wynn-Evans ruled that Miss Wiltshire had been unfairly dismissed on a technicality because the council had taken six months to allow her to appeal against the dismissal decision, which was too long.
The omission of a seconding on the nomination form is a technicality that needs to be addressed but does not invalidate the actions of these trustees as directors.
The prospect of the case falling down on a technicality is beyond her worst nightmares," the Daily Express quoted the friend as saying.
SO CLOSE Emma Bullock, 11, clinched a place in the Top Trumps grand final but went out on a technicality
28, 2011 (TAP) - Tunis court of appeal rejected on Monday the appeal lodged as regards the dissolution of the former ruling party RCD (democratic constitutional rally) on a technicality, reported a TAP News Agency journalist.
He tabled a motion threatening a law change "in the event the measure has overwhelming support in the dioceses but fails through a technicality.
But a cross-party group of influential MPs - including Labour former ministers Frank Field and David Blunkett and Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes - are concerned that the measure will not be passed by the General Synod due to a technicality.
The EDM "encourages the House of Bishops to commend the measure as currently drafted; and calls upon Her Majesty's government to remove any exemptions pertaining to gender under existing equality legislation, in the event that the measure has overwhelming support in the dioceses but fails through a technicality to receive final approval in General Synod," he said.
But Mr Justice Bean said his case was "entirely based on technicality and utterly devoid of merit".
Beggs, 38, who was once cleared of a similar murder by Appeal Court judges on a technicality, was found guilty at the High Court in Edinburgh of killing the 18-year-old after sexually assaulting him.
After an action-packed week that saw him decide to plead guilty, then innocent, then think he would get off on a technicality, then decide not to use that technicality, Barry is eventually found not guilty.
India's Supreme Court released Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt on bail yesterday, citing a technicality, weeks after he was convicted of illegally possessing guns linked to the 1993 Mumbai bombings, news reports said.
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