technical school

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a school teaching mechanical and industrial arts and the applied sciences

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Government sources said the selected students had passed several stages before admission to the technical school in Dabaa, beginning with a capacity test and questions in science and mathematics.
However, after this change, the names of the occupational and technical schools do not indicate the sub-fields which the students want to specialize in, resulting in many students mistakenly registering in schools which do not offer courses in their chosen sub-fields.
The MSME-Samsung Technical School will run Samsung's Advanced Repair and Industrial Skills Enhancement (A.
A technical school to provide the education and training would be invaluable.
Founded in 1957 and transformed into an intermediary in 1969, Juba Technical School was later merged with Lainya and Torit technical schools almost two decades later.
The head of the committee MP Robert Ghanem said the problem consisted in differentiating between university graduates and technical school
Tories would open a new Technical School, designed to boost science and engineering skills, in every major urban area across England, including the West Midlands.
TED Brant remembers happy times when he looks back on his days at the Coventry Junior Technical School.
I called on the assistance of a friend in a welding class at our local technical school.
LANCASTER -- People wanting to continue their education at a college, university or technical school will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from more than 40 public and private institutions when Antelope Valley College hosts its annual Transfer Day.
South Dakota will be the first in the nation for the percentage of students going to college, technical school or advanced training.
1 million among college, university, or technical school academies.
McCann Technical School in North Adams, MA, in June.
The PSE Technical School, to be held April 26 and 27, will be taught by George Chapman, master coach and professional archer and bowhunter.
15, a technical school in Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, five hundred miles south of Reynosa, was famous for sending entire graduating classes to Zenith.
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