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containing small amounts of other chemicals, hence slightly impure

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Furthermore, consumption of technical grade phosphoric acid is growing with its increasing adoption in food additives across various product categories including cheese, bakery products, yeast, refined sugar, vegetable oils, jams, jellies, preservatives, etc.
Sabic's Technical Grade Urea will enable cleaner diesel technology in engines through liquid injection of urea solution into the exhaust stream of the diesel engine prior to its catalytic converter.
While sales from Jiangsu comprised mostly technical grade product, Galaxy recorded initial sales of battery grade product following customer qualification and testing.
The staff, who are in a technical grade, 'are in the process of being redeployed in consultation with their union and in accordance with agreed procedures to new duties outside their current grade'.
In other Stora Enso (SE) news: The company's specialty papers division launched a new technical grade at Label Expo-Americas 2002.
One of their concerns is they were tied into the top quartile of manual workers and they believe they should be in the professional/ technical grade.
O'Neil Color and Compounding has introduced a line of technical grade colorants that are UL-listed and capable of being extruded with flame-retardant compounds and other additives for use in electrical appliances.
plc to purchase Holliday Pigments, the leading global manufacturer of technical grade ultramarine and manganese violet pigments.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Technical Grade & Formulation Pesticide under Rate contract (01/04/2018 to 31/03/2019) Document cost : INR 5000 Pre-bid meeting date : 26 Feb 2018 Opening date : 13 Mar 2018
Galaxy notes that SQM's production profile is predominantly technical grade product of 99.
Ionol CP food grade BHT can be used for technical grade applications.
increase for all technical grade sulfite products and all grades of sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate in the U.
Another study suggested that Tris-OH may also be produced by degradation of Tris-H in the environment, which is thought to be a by-product in the manufacture of technical grade DDT (33).
1 Summary of important producers of technical grade paraformaldehyde in China - name and location Table I-3.
Idaho General plans to produce a Technical Grade Molybdenum Oxide (TMO) product for sale to the steel and stainless markets where it is an important additive providing both strength and corrosion resistance.
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