technical foul

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(basketball) a foul that can be assessed on a player or a coach or a team for unsportsmanlike conduct

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Juneric Baloria made two of three charity shots, including one off the technical foul, in the last 45 seconds, enabling the Patriots to get back on the winning track and join the Muntinlupa Cagers-Angelis Resort and the Classic in a share of third to fifth places (2-1).
The Kings sealed their win as LA Tenorio made the technical foul shot with 4.
He claimed she was "not in shape" and she "needs to stay in her lane" after she issued him a technical foul during last Friday's game.
I will review the incident in my office first thing on Monday and make a determination as to the sufficiency of the technical fouls assessed against both players for their actuations," said Salud yesterday.
Oregon (12-9, 4-5 Pac-10) outscored USC 20-10 in the final 5:09 after USC rallied from a nine-point deficit to tie the score at 47-47, getting a key momentum shift when Trojans graduate student manager Stan Holt was called for a technical foul by official Bobby McRoy following a missed 3-pointer by USC's Nikola Vucevic with 4:34 to play.
The furious Tigers chief picked up two successive technical fouls in the closing stages after seeing his side throw away a 59-41 half-time lead.
It may be just a coincidence, but Kendrick Perkins is collecting more technical fouls since Wallace became his teammate.
2001) that women are less tolerant of aggression in sport than are men, it was predicted that the greatest inclination to assess a technical foul would occur when the source of the behavior (player/coach) was a woman and the game official was a woman.
Trey's technical foul did influence the game because it came at the wrong time and when we were on offence,"
But after being assessed a technical foul he didn't feel he deserved, and watching two Trojans foul out, Bibby had to censor his comments in the wake of Oregon's 79-66 win.
Don't we designate specific players to inbound the ball, be a chaser, shoot a technical foul, or run the offense?
Tenorio sealed the win with a technical foul shot and the Gin Kings went on to stop the Beermen's winning run.
During the timeout, referees slapped Ross with a technical foul for taking the free throw that led to LA Tenorio hitting the technical free throw to extend Ginebra's lead to four, 99-95, before the officials eventually gave Lanete two shots at the line.
Green was thought to have been handed a technical foul in the first quarter, but it was actually Warriors coach Steve Kerr who was hit with it.
Every other technical foul beyond 16 (18, 20, 22, etc.
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