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Synonyms for teasingly

in a playfully teasing manner


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Strangelove," the Stanley Kubrick classic it often recalls, this teasingly hard-to-label war story has more than a fair share of scenes that generate explosive laughter --until the laughter catches in your throat.
And then, on the way back, the sight which made our night - two seals, swimming along as we walked but teasingly dipping beneath the river surface just as we felt we were making friends.
Instead, sister Jane chose a beautiful yellow theme with delicious-looking cakes teasingly labelled: 'What will it be?
Almost teasingly, Lori Lansens divulges Wolf 's backstory and the reason why he was on the mountain that very day, to end his own life on his 18th birthday, one year since losing his best friend Byrd on the same unforgiving rocky stretch of land.
And the three-year-old clearly enjoyed the iced treat as she wasn't happy when dad - dressed in joggies and - beanie hat despite the heat - teasingly tried to keep it to himself.
te of (lssiN Roma gained the lead when Adem Ljajic sent a ball teasingly in front Nainggolan left), who had to slide in at full stretch to guide it past keeper Neto.
Minister of Equipment Ana MarEaA[degrees]a Pastor JuliEaAin was on a tour of the train project in the Red Sea city of Jeddah when she met a young boy and teasingly asked him about his favourite team in the Spanish League (La Liga) dominated by arch-rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.
Orchestrally it was hard to beat, from the finely controlled string playing (especially in some teasingly quiet pianissimos), woodwind solos as pellucid as mountain air (no surprise that Nelsons just stood back to let flautist Marie-Christine Zupancic have her moment in the Scherzo trio), to the glowingly well-tempered brass.
Donned in the yellow and black garment, Moss teasingly displays a segment of bare boob, in one of the pictures.
The northern funnyman promises a wealth of comedy anecdotes, misunderstandings and audience banter delivered with Jason's likeable charm and teasingly intelligent wit.
Other not-so-well-known, but highly verbal, pictorially entrancing and teasingly bizarre offerings are there too, such as the 'Four-and-Twenty Tailors' who went to catch a snail; or rare lullabies like 'All the Pretty Little Horses'.
But then the clever ending is both dreadfully practical and teasingly enigmatic too.
Dialogue teasingly hints at escapades to come, and it's clear any of the characters could be killed in their pursuit of freedom.
Much of the credit for the attractiveness of this recording goes to the Phantasm ensemble, whose pleasure in this lush and seductive music is plain; they sound as if they are playing in the shade of a tree on a warm summer afternoon, their phrasing exact but languorous as they tease out the details of Ward's voice-leading and follow the winding paths of his chord progressions--notice, in particular, how long and teasingly he avoids the final cadence on Fantasia no.
Teasingly, he allowed me to think I'd got away with it at first, but just as he passed me he couldn't help but smirk.