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feeling mild pleasurable excitement


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DeVoe's arrival in Central City was first teased in (http://www.
Participants with a history of weight-related teasing accumulated significantly fewer minutes of vigorous physical activity and equivalent moderate and overall levels of physical activity compared to participants not previously teased about their weight.
More scenes are expected to be teased, as the film's production progresses.
It was found that due to CLP condition majority of patients were teased.
On these measures, the participants rated on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) how strongly they agreed with statements tapping their prior and present experiences with both types of teases (example statement: Ever since I was in first grade, other individuals have teased me in a Type 1 [Type 2] way).
Unless you've been raised as an only child in a monastery, were schooled in splendid isolation by robots as a youngster, or happened to be six foot tall at the age of four, it's probably fair to say you've been teased at some point in your life.
Even if nobody teased me, it's still too distracting.
Instead what's happened is that I'm being teased by girls from my school.
The women took an online survey that examined their eating behaviors, the frequency with which they were teased about their weight or called weight-related names and their demographic information.
As a result, I'm constantly being teased and every once in a while, I snap and say something unpleasant.
I found in the Queen someone who can be friendly, who can be informal, who can be extremely funny in private - and not everybody appreciates just how funny she can be - who is quite prepared to tease and to be teased, and who, while retaining her dignity always, doesn't stand on her dignity in a conversation" - Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams on the Queen.
Both girls and boys reported being teased by same-sex peers, but in addition, girls also reported being teased by opposite-sex peers.
Have you ever been teased for being a bit different in how you dress or what you think?
1999), whereas extraverted individuals were most likely to be nonempathic toward teased individuals.
Most episodes occurred at school and the subjects were teased by classmates.