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disentangle and raise the fibers of

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And it has always been very difficult to tease apart the two potential genetic reasons that those could be related.
The company currently employs 16 "dissectors" who can each tease apart about 150 mosquitoes an hour, Hoffman told AFP.
The instruments will tease apart the various mechanisms that engage in a perpetual tug-of-war with energetic particles in the charged, doughnut-shaped region.
The findings help tease apart the complex etiological relationship between type 2 diabetes and fracture risk.
The findings of the study help tease apart the complex etiological relationship between type 2 diabetes and vertebral fracture risk.
Her overall aim is to "help tease apart the complex process of vocabulary learning and teaching and to provide ideas for addressing learners' needs" (p.
This work is conducted in multiple venues: large (30x30 m) deer exclosures erected at USMA paired with similar-sized unfenced control areas, experimental plantings and seedings to assess potential restoration techniques, and a variety of common garden and laboratory experiments to tease apart the contribution of individual and combined stressors on demography of the four state-listed plant species.
Through close study of original stories and documents, Berg (curator, Reventlow-Museum, Denmark) examines the use and interpretation of signs to tease apart various responses, showing the nuance between those of chroniclers and of preachers in a series of cases.
The focus in Elad Lassry's sneaky, beautifully nuanced photographs is not really on what is there--nor quite, somehow, on what is not--but rather on a delicately poised conceptual space, concocted by the artist, where the conditions of there and not there become uncannily difficult to tease apart.
Aa Our new approach, watching calcium channels in action in living cells, allowed us to tease apart how they behave and how they're controlled and find a new module that could be targeted for drug design.
This week is not about finding an instant solution to the global recession, but is certainly a place which will tease apart and improve the agendas for the many action meetings planned around the world.
Moreover, abortion overwhelmingly occurs in the context of an unintended pregnancy--an event that is stressful in and of itself--and it is very difficult to tease apart the effects of these two events.
Putting aside the cult of the individual or the historically masculine figure of the artist-god in favor of strength in numbers, the many artists and collectives exhibited in "The Way That We Rhyme" tease apart the movement's common goals and differing backgrounds and disciplines to reach across the generations.
Gently tease apart the seedlings, keeping roots intact, to create multiple bundles of about three seedlings each.
What we want to do," says Peter Arzberger, principal investigator, "is to try to quickly tease apart and understand what it is we're dealing with at a molecular level and then be able to design inhibitor drugs.