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an excessively sentimental narrative

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There will be some lighter shows on in place of the NBC tearjerker on Dec.
Charlie's death is going to hit Kat hard and will be a real tearjerker INSIDER
Those bands have included The Tearjerkers, The Bonediggers, The Raiders and, more recently, The Skabilly Rebels.
Like Lorenzo's Oil, a tearjerker that you might remember from a few years back, this film deals with parents battling to save their children from a killer disease.
In a nutshell: A well-sung but strangely unmoving version of a classic tearjerker.
From "Brokeback Wives Find Solace in Cowboy Tearjerker," by Katy Butler, in Scotland on Sunday, March 12
Undoubtedly, it achieves those noble aims, but just as important, it's always the tearjerker of the year.
Tayleure, an actor who occasionally wrote plays, $100 to dramatize East Lynne and then, in a single season, performed the tearjerker more than nine hundred times.
Celebrity videographer Jason Magbanua uploaded a tearjerker clip of the couple's nuptials on Thursday, which captured the actress and her hubby as they traded vows in front of their families and friends.
Tonight, she sings some of her greatest hits, including From A Distance and the Beaches tearjerker Wind Beneath My Wings.
Lambert said: "That was nearly a tearjerker - that was tough.
The next tearjerker is WNO's production of Madam Butterfly with American tenor Russell Thomas as Pinkerton, Judith Howarth as the heartbroken Cio-Cio-San and Claire Bradshaw as Suzuki.
He was best known for his role as the young Bailey in Frank Capra's 1946 tearjerker.
Veteran actor Dharmendra is the main star of this tearjerker, portraying flawlessly the feelings experienced as a stern father, a loving husband and a dejected boxer.
A real tearjerker, it has outstanding music and brilliant effects.