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Synonyms for tearing

marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions

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Signs of blepharitis include oily secretions, collarettes, missing/misdirected lashes as well as symptoms including photophobia, tearing and blurred vision.
They found strain rate can be used in simulations to predict locations susceptible to hot tearing in this alloy.
Their work concludes that a new orientation direction is established in the middle of the tear process, and that the degree of orientation differs depending on the tear strength of the film and the tearing direction.
It seems strange that tearing eyes need eye drops, but they do.
If they could knock out this synthase enzyme, then they could minimize the amount of tearing agent" in full-flavored onions, says Kirk L.
Often the company tearing off the shingles does not segregate the shingles from other construction waste, and the supply of shingles becomes "guts, feathers and all.
Brantome also waxes eloquent over Elizabeth of Austria's mourning, insisting that her religiosity and sadness were of the most genuine variety, "not like a desperate and deranged woman, making loud cries, tearing at her face, and pulling out her hair, nor imitating the woman that one lauds for crying.
Richard Sybert, the failed state Assembly candidate who gained notoriety for tearing down his opponents' campaign signs last month, settled a civil suit with the city this week and paid $1,000 in fines.
The growth of cracks in elastomers is governed by the critical tearing energy.
One way you can help prevent your calluses from tearing is to keep your feet moisturized twice daily with lanolin-based moisturizers.
If the discharge and tearing are significant, if the parental concern level is high, or if the problem doesn't resolve by age one year, then the probing procedure should be done.
Symptoms include discomfort in the eyes, itching, redness, excessive tearing, a gritty feeling or feelings of strain in the eyes.
Conversely, you may be told that your excessive tearing is being caused by underlying dry eyes.
If you have one, the Tearscope is a useful device for observing the lipid layer (Figure 3) as it utilises a cold light source to minimise reflex tearing and evaporation, but it is no longer commercially available: for most practitioners the slit lamp (high magnification) is sufficient for this purpose.
However, the alloy is used almost exclusively in the sand casting process because it exhibits poor hot tearing resistance when poured into metal molds.