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But I was tipped over the edge when he decided to join in with the piped background music and give a romantic, tear-jerking rendition of Westlife's Flying Without Wings.
I CANNOT believe I am the only racing fan who is fed up with the incessant carping at the loss of racing coverage on the BBC - pages of tear-jerking prose that ignore the basic facts.
Aside from Olympics and Paralympics heroes and heroines, there are tear-jerking moments from real people, including a courageous girl who saved her four-year-old sister's life, and members of the emergency services and armed forces.
We have been promised a number of tear-jerking surprises and dramatic family reunions as Holly and guests help make some dreams come true.
Tear-jerking scenes were witnessed when the 4 BRSP recovered workers namely Mujeebur Rahman, Bashir Ahmad, Aftab Ahmad and Bure Mohammad arrived at the Quetta Airport where a large number of relatives, friends and acquaintances were present to receive them.
htm) Prince William's Tear-Jerking Confession: 'I Wish Princess Di had Been There to Watch me Marry Kate'
s Staples centre to watch the tear-jerking romance 'Titanic' alone.
The cat owner's tear-jerking travails drive home the filmmaker's point better than any finger-wagging activist ever could.
The audiences have returned in big numbers, too, and it is one of the most moving theatre experiences you can get to see virtually everyone in the auditorium rise at the tear-jerking finale to give the cast a thoroughly deserved standing ovation.
A tear-jerking account, "Iggy" is the story of how one child copes in the face of adversity.
A devastated Jack Duckworth will be in disbelief tonight as the body of his beloved Vera is taken away by funeral directors in a tear-jerking finale on Coronation Street.
A DEVASTATED Jack Duckworth stares in disbelief as the body of his beloved Vera is taken away by funeral directors in a tear-jerking finale on Coronation Street tonight.
This sets up the film's three tear-jerking subplots -- the girl's illness, the father's legal troubles and the family's neighborly woes.
Then the tear-jerking began: chief executive Carlos Criado-Perez quoted poetry to journalists while the votes were being counted--Robert Frost, in case you were wondering.
After the tear-jerking storyline in summer 2001, Tyneside GPs were flooded with requests for smear tests.