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a sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication

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The primary tools in a packet of materials recently mailed to ACOG's 40,000 members are tear sheets in English and Spanish.
It has been providing full-text access to the journal and proceedings literature for over 30 years, offering unique tear sheet fulfillment for over 50 percent of the articles it delivers.
5 cm, height 15 cm, 170 m length of the paper, the size of the tear sheet of 23.
which adapted its archiving system for commercial printers to create the Ad/stat electronic tear sheet, was a Nexpo first-timer.
Papers must satisfy users that an electronic document can provide the same proof of publication, quality, size, and location as a paper tear sheet.
Tear sheet sections include AdOut's own most effective ads from the past 10 years (www.
The company already offered tear sheet management by compiling tear sheets from the newspapers and forwarding them in batches to advertisers.
One actual tear sheet included scumming that ran the length of the page.
The bar that had its heyday also in the '90s had rainbow-colored Slinkys and confetti while one wall was papered with magazine tear sheets, including one of supermodel Cindy Crawford blowing a kiss for Revlon.
It includes nearly 200 scores, many meticulously annotated, as well as twenty-two monographs and an impressive collection of signed photographs and tear sheets from the Metropolitan Opera.
Through the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud's client profile, advisors will be able to see all of their clients' information in one place -- including instant access to tear sheets, financial accounts and goals.
I had a binder full of tear sheets on home design when I was 9," she says.
Most floral designers agree that a bride should arrive for a first meeting armed with lots of tear sheets from magazines showing examples of flowers that she particularly likes and dislikes.
Product specifications and tear sheets are available for download, including a dedicated page for architects with access to architectural cabinet specs.