tear off

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rip off violently and forcefully

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This new product features high quality goggles (available in black or white) with built-in 720P HD Video-audio and tear off lenses for ATV, motorcross, paintball, bmx, and all kinds of extreme sports.
Bouncing around in the rough stuff can rip or tear off the cable's rubber boot.
To raise the stakes, Sting leapt into the middle of the dining room and began to tear off his clothes.
Meanwhile, reporter Robert Buttry offered his take on a typical--for the times--first visit to Fire Island, written in quintessential 1970s vernacular: "New visitors will arrive, tear off their clothes, get stoned, rush to the [meat] rack, and drag a trick home.
Shoppers will be able to tear off a coupon and hand it to the cashier to be scanned and added their grocery bill.
When its ready, simply tear off half of the cup and use the remaining part to hold.
If he had a canary, he would tear off its feathers.
This book has been advertised as a sensational, insider's expose of media sleaze, but when you tear off the wrapping paper what you find is a journalism school ethics textbook.