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any of several small ducts that carry tears from the lacrimal glands

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If the cause is an allergy you'll be given medication and surgery may be needed if a tear duct is blocked.
Watery eyes often occur in response to chronic sinus problems, allergies, or infections, which contribute to blockage of the tear duct.
The purpose of the tear duct is to sweep tears and moisture from your eyes.
As its title suggests, JingWong's weepy "Crying Heart" (also less delicately known as "A Dumb Boy") isn't afraid to suspend logic or pile up melodramatic incidents in service of a full-on tear duct assault.
If the drug flows toward the tear duct, systemic absorption through nasal mucosa can occur.
The tear duct doesn't function normally and tears can't follow their normal course.
Blocking the tear duct allows the tears to remain on the eye's surface for longer periods.
This may be due to: a) an overproduction of tears due to irritation to the eyes, such as hairs growing towards the eye from the nose, extra hairs along the eyelid margin, rolling in of the eyelids etc, or b) poor tear drainage such as a blockage to the tear duct, often due to the size of the eye in relation to the eye socket or another blockage within the tear duct.
In the same match, he was very unhappy with the challenge that led to Mark Flanagan needing an operation on a blocked tear duct.
He said if it was no better then Sooty could have a blocked tear duct that may need flushing out.
Her tear duct was split in two and she needed eye surgery under general anaesthetic.
There's a tiny channel called the tear duct that connects each eye with your nose," explains Dr.