tear away

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rip off violently and forcefully

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The women tear away the clothes of the men and beat the men with it.
First it was a knee injury, then a teenage tear away called Leigh Halfpenny, and finally world rugby's player of the year Shane Williams stalling his progress.
Luke Tittensor, who plays tear away Daz Eden in Emmerdale, is said to have broken another man's jaw during an alleged assault.
But after a brief taste of the great outdoors the tear away twins were soon put back in their place as their dad, Tahaas, laid down the law.
I have seen some pecan trees uprooted by hurricane-force winds, but it seems to take unusually high gales to tear away the root systems.
Chapters strive to tear away the illusions and offer a more realistic portrait of Asians--there's much food for thought in The Asian Mystique.
If no repair is done, the hole gets longer, the latches get worse, and the seal around the aft pylon begins to wear out and may tear away from the airframe.
However, two tipped for greatness--Kingsmill Tear Away sharing bread and Entenmann's Ultimate range of luxury cakes--have fallen by the wayside.