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Synonyms for teacup

as much as a teacup will hold


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a cup from which tea is drunk

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Teacup was founded by Dean Levitt, the co-founder of the GoDaddy-acquired email marketing service Mad Mimi.
The teacup has been declared the largest in the world surpassing the earlier record set last year in Shanghai, China, which was of 4,050 litres of tea.
Instead of the traditional matching saucer, rest the teacup on a frame and, instantly, your teatime setting becomes magical.
She asked for a cake with a vintage teacup and saucer topper with sugarflower inside the teacup, strings of real pearls as well as piped pearls on the cake itself.
where I fill a teacup with the question of half my soul
Will never fit in a teacup but will fill your heart with love.
DEMAND for trendy teacup puppies is expected to soar this Christmas - but being cute comes at a heartbreaking price for these little dogs.
The TeaCup Quilters' challenge was to make a border quilt using black, white and teal plus one additional color.
99THE world-famous teacup pigs of Pennywell Farm, who first appeared in a wall calendar, are now posing for the benefit of tiny tots, who'll be able learn colours and how to count with their help.
If the melancholic music isn't enough, there appears a teacup wobbling on a table.
Speaking about the 'Storm in a Teacup' producer Jamal Rahman said, "The True Brew Records show, Storm in a Teacup, was a bigger step forward in my pursuit of really pushing the live music scene in Pakistan, that I first started with my 'Live at True Brew' shows.
But why make teacup lights when you can up the ante with teacup lights?
09, 70cl with teacup, Sainsbury's), is the perfect pick-me-up for grown-ups who've braved dozens of haunted house calls to keep the littl'uns happy.
Stir through the coconut, then fill a teacup with the mixture and set this aside.