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Synonyms for teacup

as much as a teacup will hold


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a cup from which tea is drunk

References in classic literature ?
The miserable Hatter dropped his teacup and bread-and-butter, and went down on one knee.
himself said if seeing is believing not seeing is believing too and when you don't see you may fully believe you're not remembered not that I expect you Arthur Doyce and Clennam to remember me why should I for the days are gone but bring another teacup here directly and tell her fresh toast and pray sit near the fire.
Weevle, who is a handy good-for-nothing kind of young fellow, borrows a needle and thread of Miss Flite and a hammer of his landlord and goes to work devising apologies for window-curtains, and knocking up apologies for shelves, and hanging up his two teacups, milkpot, and crockery sundries on a pennyworth of little hooks, like a shipwrecked sailor making the best of it.
Well, at least, Monica," remarked Bertha, as they sat over their teacups that afternoon, "however strange these people may be, it is our duty to be as polite to them as to the others.
She looked at him, as he struck the table and made the teacups ring, with a proud colour in her face that was a new change, Mr.
com and click on "Cheeky Teacup Voluntary Recall" for more information.
99THE world-famous teacup pigs of Pennywell Farm, who first appeared in a wall calendar, are now posing for the benefit of tiny tots, who'll be able learn colours and how to count with their help.
If the melancholic music isn't enough, there appears a teacup wobbling on a table.
09, 70cl with teacup, Sainsbury's), is the perfect pick-me-up for grown-ups who've braved dozens of haunted house calls to keep the littl'uns happy.
Stir through the coconut, then fill a teacup with the mixture and set this aside.
Teacup SKILL RATING: MODERATE WHAT YOU NEED: Vintage teacups (we used Belle teacup and saucer [euro]15.
Winning bidder of Lady Gaga's teacup dies after donating it
TWO sisters fell out over a quiet cup of tea while on holiday together, with one smashing a china teacup into the other's face.
On their many trips to the beach they look for shells and Grandfather teaches Jenny the names of them all, including the rare queen's teacup.