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a snack taken during a break in the work day


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Since the first National Tea Break, the charity has raised an amazing pounds 44,000 from more than 400 tea breaks held up and down the country.
SOAP stars Suranne Jones and Joan Kempson are urging people across Cheshire, Shropshire, North and Mid Wales to hold tea breaks in aid of Hope House.
I organise a tea break event to support the charity every year.
However, serious injury, critical illness and imminent death do not wait for tea breaks.
But caretakers, cleaners and visiting workmen have to creep into cubby-holes, and broom cupboards, or find a quiet corridor if they want a tea break.
The fundraising scheme encourages schools, businesses, homes and organisations to hold a sponsored tea party or just simply have a money-making tea break at 3pm.
Where would we be without the tea break - a moment (or several) for reflection, gossip, bitching, planning a revolt and - oh, go on then - having that half a Kit Kat?
THE government is being taken to court by the EC over failure to bring in fully an hours directive which means workers are being denied a tea break.
Then we found that taking a half-hour tea break cost us 45 minutes in salary and that is quite wrong.
The charity wants people to put the kettle on as part of National Tea Break 2011, on October 21, which encourages tea (and coffee) lovers to get together to drink tea, eat cake and raise funds for Epilepsy Action.
AS one who was an ambulanceman in the late 50s until mid-60s, I am appalled at this tea break scandal.
The 18th annual event, which takes place on September 26, will see thousands of office workers across the country take a tea break in aid of a good cause.
INCREASINGLY high-pressure office environments mean many Britons do not have time for a tea break during their working day, a new report showed yesterday.
It is part of their Tea at 3 campaign throughout June, with hundreds of people expected to hold a tea party or take a tea break for charity.
Everyone can organise something at work or at home for their tea break and help raise funds to stop child cruelty and help us to make a better place for children to grow up in.