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sweetened buns to be eaten with tea

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Traditionally the women would bake tea bread and take it out to the haymakers who were out all day in the fields.
It's a sweet, dense tea bread that includes in its ingredients liquid malt extract, treacle; brown sugar and either prunes or golden raisins.
Some of the recipes included in this book are Peach-Oat Bran Muffins, Chocolate Chip Scones, Lemon Poppy Tea Bread, Marble Pound Cake, and Mocha Cake.
I created this recipe for a tea bread using steeped Governor Gray tea as part of the liquid ingredients to honor the only tea grown in America.
These include two Italian breads -- Focaccia in onion, and garlic and herb varieties, plus a traditional Scottish tea bread, Selkirk Bannock.
Instead of having a bara brith, the traditional Welsh tea bread with a cuppa, he's turned it into an especially tasty version of bread and butter pudding.
Mariana Waters, from The Everyday Gourmet brought me this wonderful loaf pan with a recipe for Lemon Tea Bread and since we were so into lemons this issue, I just had to try it.
LYNN Bays, the head chef at Souter Lighthouse, has given me recipes for nettle tea bread and nettle scones.
In the end we settled on tea bread, scones and fancy cakes which can be eaten with fingers, but of course what she chose to select was entirely up to her," said Pauline Russell, assistant secretary of Solihull WI.
A tea bread - not yeast 1 Mrs Gill, 2 Mrs Whitehead, 3 M Horsfall.
Try a slice of fruity tea bread or maybe some malt loaf spread with a little unsaturated margarine.
Pancakes, sausage, fruit cup, juice, coffee and tea bread is $2.
Chunky cheese loaf Sweet apple and salty cheese make a scrumptious tea bread that is great to make with kids - only a little grown-up help required.
Savour the pickings of its harvest by trying their home baked apple scones, apple and sultana cake, apple and ginger cake, apple shortbread, apple tea bread, or apple and orange cake.