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Synonyms for tchotchke

(Yiddish) an attractive, unconventional woman

(Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket

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My bet would have been on tchoktchkes because as long ago as 1990, I saw a headline in the Washington Post which read: Tchotchkes For Sale at Monticello (no explanation of the term).
Obviously with an eye toward the modern, she puts together an assortment that ranges from furniture to apparel to tchotchkes of all shapes and sizes.
When we established the Tchotchke Challenge in February, it seemed like a fun way to do some good in the communities we visit each year for conferences.
Our team debated about various tchotchke ideas, as we wanted to come up with something innovative and fun, but went beyond geeks doing things to impress other geeks," said Atri Chatterjee, senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Secure Computing.
Jackson has in fact arranged his tchotchkes according to structural soundness--to the amount of weight, of other tchotchkes, they can bear, with the sturdiest at the bottom of each stack and the most delicate at the top.
CHICAGO, June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The days of "fish bowl" lead generation and tchotchke marketing are coming to an end claims Performance Communications Group of Chicago.
However much Chocolate Santa may be an amusing seasonal tchotchke, nagging doubt relegates this candy statuette to the distant margin of what is potent within McCarthy's own furiously transformative production, to the realm of Who Cares?
One piece of his work, a 2006 JAMA article co-authored with nine other experts in the medical field, focused on the modest swag pressed on physicians by representatives from pharmaceutical companies--the pads, pens, paperweights and other tchotchkes that seemed too insignificant to influence medical decisions.
Trays are like rugs on a piece of furniture; they anchor a collection and make your favorite accessories look less like tchotchkes.
In addition to the $149 starter kit, which contains all the planning materials, leaders' guides, music and CDs, plus clip art and other media, Group sells lots of additional themed items such as name badges, decorating materials and other tchotchkes to hand out to participants.
Most of the shops on Grant (Bargain Bazaar, Far East Flea Market) specialize in the sort of vacation tchotchkes that are quickly forgotten upon returning home: Alcatraz Island t-shirts, plastic figurines, and play-fighting swords.
In the present tableau, table lamps cast low-watt red and yellow light, and comfortable-looking stuffed armchairs, gloriously patterned ottomans, faux-wood paneling, knickknacks, and decorative tchotchkes achieve such seamless verisimilitude that the space seems to invite viewers to make themselves at home while watching a rerun of the documentary.
And these are the people who are going to figure out how to transform the technology so it will have applicability far beyond the array of polymer tchotchkes.
Heath Ceramics: innocent purveyor of artisanal tiles and tchotchkes, or a merciless conspiracy to take over your entire home?
The second great fault is that directors almost always meet in a boardroom located about 20 feet outside the resplendent office of the CEO, with all of his awards and tchotchkes hanging on his walls or standing up on his credenza.