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a classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure or origin etc

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(biology) study of the general principles of scientific classification

practice of classifying plants and animals according to their presumed natural relationships

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In addition to vendors describing their companies' approaches to auto-tagging, there were some brave souls who built their own taxonomy classifiers (in just 10 days) using open source tools.
This allows learners to use knowledge, skills, or techniques in new situations through application, the third level of Bloom's taxonomy.
Another great reference, which pulls apart the digital Bloom taxonomy and gives many examples of learning activities and rubrics to assess student learning, is online at http:// edorigami.
However, the 7th Circuit held that because the contracts gave Home Depot the right to use the taxonomy in any way it wished, it had the right to prepare a derivative database.
The 2011 UGT includes about 15,000 financial reporting elements with several industry entry points, such as the Commercial and Industrial Taxonomy that applies to most companies.
In the end, this shift in thinking, which included the greater consideration of curricula, could have possibly increased the practical uses of the taxonomy and made it more readily accessible to a broader audience.
First, folksonomies can be combined with taxonomies in a number of ways--from treating them as suggested terms to be added to a taxonomy, to offering user tags as additional options for browsing.
To confirm my belief about taxonomy trends, I spoke with representatives of two leading taxonomy consulting and product vendors, Earley & Associates and SchemaLogic.
Amendments to the 2009 IFRS Taxonomy mainly reflect changes in IFRS.
These frameworks and taxonomies are: Bloom's revised taxonomy (Anderson & Krathwohl, 2001), DeBlock (de Landsheere, 1990), De Corte (de Landsheere, 1990), Guilford (1967), Marzano (2001), Merrill's performance-content matrix (1994); PISA (OECD, 1999), Porter (Porter & Smithson, 2001a, 2001b) and TIMSS (Robitaille et al.
Scott Di Valerio, corporate vice president, finance and administration and chief accounting officer (CAO), says of Microsoft's initial effort: "The first time we converted our Form 10-Q the effort required about 175 hours--75 hours for XBRL taxonomy extension and customization, 60 hours to create and validate the XBRL document and 40 hours for quality assurance review.
Structural Biology and Taxonomy is the first volume in a series authored by leading medical mycologists.
References to the XBRL taxonomy and any additional taxonomies that may be required to describe all the XBRL tags used in a specific instance document.