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Through lawyer Ken Ogeto, the taxman said a document by Darasa indicates the sugar was produced in August, a time they claim it has already been loaded into a vessel.
That allowed Taxman to buy the remaining vacant Port Clinton Place properties.
A senior tax official said an amendment in I-T rules was recently notified after obtaining sanction from the Union Finance Ministry and it allows the taxman to obtain and use the address of an assessee available with the "banking company or cooperative bank, India post, insurance company, the returns of agricultural income and the statement of financial transactions (SFT).
The internet giants reached agreement with HM Revenue and Customs over taxes taxman owed since 2005 and they will also start to pay tax "based on revenue from UK-based advertisers".
I've just taken part in the BBC2 documentary The Town That Took On The Taxman.
HMRC handed Sportech a PS93million VAT rebate - but the taxman successfully appealed against the ruling last month.
The taxman now wants to levy death taxes on people before they're dead.
Mohammed Suleman Khan was found to have defrauded the taxman by almost PS500,000
Take the time to prepare yourself for the questions you might be asked as part of any investigation, and if you do get approached by HMRC, contact your accountant right away before you arrange any meeting or open discussions with them, as the taxman simply doesn't do informal discussions.
Should five percent appear too small Be thankful I don''t take it all 'Cause I''m the Taxman, yeah I''m the Taxman.
She was then given a further battering by the taxman who demanded thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes.
Summary: The taxman has been condemned for delays in answering phone calls that have been costing callers Au136 million a year.
I FELT sorry for Vince Cable the elderly LibCon MP when I heard that he, and probably his staff and his wife, had forgotten that he owed the taxman payment for his earnings.
The troubled 43-year-old, who owes the taxman pounds 32,000, had faced a bankruptcy petition brought by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).
But the current system requires the taxman to play a game of cat and mouse with wealthy citizens.