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(of goods or funds) subject to taxation


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Under section 1295(a), a shareholder of a PFIC can elect QEF status for any taxable year during which the foreign corporation is a PFIC and for any subsequent year, whether or not it meets section 1296(a)'s income and asset test.
The senior series 2006A-1 notes are tax-exempt 35-day auction rate securities, and the senior series 2006A-2 and 2006A-3 notes are taxable, 28-day auction rate securities.
If Form 8871 is required, all income (including the organization's political contributions) will be deemed taxable until the form is filed.
One drawback to using these discounts is that, if the IRS challenges a gift's discounted value and finds it to be incorrect, a portion of it could wind up being allocated against (and reducing) the lifetime exclusion amount (or could become taxable, if the total exclusion has been exceeded).
On November 18, 1992, the Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations under section 382 of the Internal Revenue Code, concerning the rules for allocating net operating losses or taxable income and net capital gain or loss for the taxable year during which a loss corporation undergoes an ownership change that does not trigger a closing of the tax year.
For example, the 2006 proposed regulations allow taxpayers to use spot rate conventions that reasonably approximate the spot rate on a particular day, and generally, determine taxable income and loss by reference to the average exchanges rate for the year.
With the IRA rollover, there is no charitable income tax deduction for the distributions, and the distribution itself is not included in the donor's taxable income.
The second step is to determine the proper form to use to report the taxable amount paid.
Next, the proper form must be used to report the taxable amount paid.
Is the $10,000 taxable in 2005 when they sold the purple duplex or in 2006 when they bought the New Property?
Assets provided Taxable at 20pc of Usually tax free free of charge initial market value
If you sold your shares prior to July 29, 1997, after having held them for at lease 12 months, your $9,000 profit is a long-term capital gain, which is taxable up to 20%.
Inheritance or gifts received are not taxable as income.
A company must still identify and quantify its temporary differences - the differences between book and tax bases of assets and liabilities - rather than timing differences between pretax income and taxable income.
NYSE: NFI), a residential lender and mortgage portfolio manager, today responded to misstatements in the media regarding the company's expectations for taxable income in the future.