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Specimen assemblages variously composed of freshwater, freshwater-tolerant, brackish, and marine taxa indicate mixing on a floodplain with limited sediment accumulation through deltaic progradation or river avulsion as, in part, envisaged by Ludvigson and Witzke (14).
Hybrid zones can be relatively wide and dominated by morphological and genetic intergrades between the parental taxa (e.
In the studied lakes the number of taxa decreased with increasing trophic state.
According to multi-response permutation procedure, macroinvertebrate taxa from two groups of sampling sites comprising the main channel and the side channel exhibited a highly significant difference (A = 0.
Rare taxa were defined as those occurring in only one sample and were removed from the data set prior to ordination analysis.
The "Summary Species List" is a simple checklist of all cicada taxa listing their synonyms, which provides a useful overview of the detailed catalogue.
The dataset for this study consists of published NISP data of vertebrate taxa from 235 European archaeological sites (Figure 1), comprising 250 culturally distinct phases, covering the early and middle Neolithic.
509 species and infraspecific taxa of ferns and lycophytes in 70 genera in the whole of North America, north of Mexico (Flora of North America Editorial Committee, 1993).
Nor are they all painted at life size, as in the Taxa series.
All told, the entire three volume set is no less than 3,554 pages long and includes 582 plates and 2,726 county distribution maps involving 2,839 species and 3,166 taxa.
Some taxa that are commonly sampled in these temporary environments include Anostraca, Notostraca, Conchostraca, Cladocera, Ostracoda, Corixidae, Notonectidae, Dytiscidae, and Hydrophilidae (Hutchinson 1932; Rzoska 1961; Weir 1969; Williams 1985; Seaman et al.
These results show that the styles of the various Crocus taxa merit further investigation of their composition and mechanisms of action of their carotenoid constituents in order to establish if they could be used as chemopreventive or anticancer agents.
Previous reports of members of the family Chlamydiaceae in amphibians concerned species occurring in other vertebrate taxa as well: C.
A comecar pela taxa de juro anual efetiva de 3,4%, quando comparada a taxa de juros ao consumidor no pais, que se encontra acima de 40% ao ano, conforme o Banco Central do Brasil.
The selection of base models and development of more complex models incorporating a hook main effect and hook interactions by using data on taxa (e.