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a legal system for assessing and collecting taxes

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The application of the tax system will not affect the country's competitiveness because it is among the lowest in the world.
AAT's research showed that 74 per cent of SMEs surveyed in the Midlands think that the UK tax system is too complicated.
Leading multinational companies such as Google, Starbucks and Amazon have been criticised for their use of the current source and residencebased tax system.
corporate tax system is viewed as less competitive than other countries' tax systems.
The federal government should do this on the grounds of enhancing state fiscal stability, which will concomitantly also advance tax system efficiency and equity.
In his 1961 book "Capitalism and Freedom," he developed the idea of a negative income tax system, an inverted progressive income tax, to guarantee a minimum income to poor families.
It sets out reforms, which would provide an immediate boost to high-tech investment and innovation and create an internationally competitive tax system that helps to repair the public finances in the medium term.
BEIRUT: Finance Minister Mohammad Shatah said on Wednesday that it was imperative to implement the tax system in order to ensure the continuation of growth and financial stability.
Given that the Serbia intends to become a member of the EU, it is necessary for the country to harmonize performances of tax system with the requirements of the European Union.
The implementation of the phased corporate income tax rate reductions and the elimination of the corporate surtax send a strong signal to the capital markets about the Government's commitment to maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the Canadian business tax system.
Ohio's previous tax system placed most of the tax burden on manufacturers.
However, the amount of taxes paid does not reflect the total cost to taxpayers of the federal tax system.
1 states that our self-assessment tax system can only function effectively if taxpayers file tax returns that are true, correct and complete.
tax system is unique in its global approach to taxation.
The President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform recently held its first heating to begin discussing ways to reform the federal tax system.