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Standards of practice and the tax preparer penalty regime treat tax return positions and tax preparation differently.
A tax return is a form (paper or online) on which you: | Report details of your taxable income, and | Claim tax allowances and tax reliefs.
Individual Income Tax Return, to allow for corrections to original tax return filings and expand e-filing to include amended tax returns, according to a new report (www.
B employs one individual, Q, to solicit the necessary tax return information for the preparation of a tax return; another individual, R, to prepare the return on the basis of the information that is furnished; a secretary, S, who types the information on the returns into a computer; and an administrative assistant, T, who uses a computer to file electronic versions of the tax returns.
The survey, which was conducted during TEI's 61st Annual Conference, found that 88 percent of companies incurred additional costs in e-filing their tax return, measured in terms of both money and staffing.
Certain employee plan returns now are eligible for an automatic 2 1/2 month extension, and gift tax returns for an automatic six-month extension, if the proper form is filed.
The online system is secure and robust and during this past income tax return time it handled four transactions per second, Anfossi says.
Wynn allegedly prepared the client's tax returns showing large partnership losses, which, in most cases, reduced the client's taxable income to zero.
The IRS is initiating the communications program to help achieve its goal of receiving 80% of all tax returns electronically by 2007.
The first quarterly Commercial Rent or Occupancy Tax returns are due Sept.
You will then have the burden to resubmit your tax returns based on the correct information.
This Code section addresses the disclosure or use of tax return information by tax return preparers who prepare tax returns for compensation.
All tax return preparers--including CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents--must have PTINs if they prepare tax returns after Dec.
There, an individual retained a lawyer to advise him in connection with a government investigation regarding the taxpayer's previously-filed tax returns.