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Report: IRS Should Modernize Process of Filing Amended Tax Returns
7216-2 specifies a number of situations when a tax return preparer can disclose or use tax return information for a nontax purpose.
In fact, according to the survey, 58 percent of respondents thought that all of the first-year transition rules should be retained for 2006 tax return filing.
Certain employee plan returns now are eligible for an automatic 2 1/2 month extension, and gift tax returns for an automatic six-month extension, if the proper form is filed.
What began as an experiment in 1999 by the Chilean government to gauge the response to electronic income tax returns is now part of an effort to make all tax transactions, including income-tax returns, go online.
Wynn allegedly prepared the client's tax returns showing large partnership losses, which, in most cases, reduced the client's taxable income to zero.
The first quarterly Commercial Rent or Occupancy Tax returns are due Sept.
On the joint tax return, there is an understatement of taxes of at least $500 and such understatement relates to the grossly erroneous items of the other spouse.
Form 941, 941-PR or 941-SS, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return - Balance Due - Tax Years 2006 and 2007
When it issued the temporary regulations, the IRS said they were intended to provide additional flexibility to tax return preparers and to provide benefits to taxpayers without compromising taxpayers' rights to control the use or disclosure of their tax return information.
88 percent of the individuals who expressed an opinion on registering paid tax return preparers favor registration;
The question would then arise whether any tax law advice would ever be privileged, given that all such advice is arguably tax return preparation-related to some degree.
The exhibit on page 41 tracks our procedures for preparing a tax return in about 25 steps, including obtaining preliminary client information, setting up a file, getting answers, preparing and reviewing a return, doing a final check, making corrections as needed and sending the return to the client.
The regulations apply to those who provide "financial services," as defined by the Federal Reserve Board, which has long included tax planning, tax return preparation and financial planning.
The state tax agency said it has demanded payment from the companies as part of a statewide collection campaign against deadbeat corporations who neglected to file a 1998 tax return.