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a country or independent region where taxes are low

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SENATE REPORT ON TAX HAVEN ABUSES, supra note 3, at 11-12 (noting that several tax havens have improved their money laundering laws).
According to the petition's text, "the commission aims to investigate the reasons behind Tunisia's naming as a tax haven and its economic, financial and political impacts.
Besides, the country has been considered a victim of tax havens, not a tax haven itself.
South Korea's finance ministry has expressed "deep regret" over being blacklisted as a tax haven.
The UAE has expressed its disappointment at being included in the EU tax haven blacklist.
If the very wealthy person wants to avoid taxation in Britain and therefore put money into a tax haven somewhere, who loses?
The researchers explore the implications of tax haven wealth for measuring wealth inequality.
States typically identify tax havens by either (a) adopting a "blacklist" designating tax haven jurisdictions; (b) codifying a statutory list of criteria, giving state taxing agencies the discretion during audits to determine which countries may be deemed tax havens; or (c) applying a hybrid of the above two approaches.
In this essay, I will give an explanation of the background and nature of the tax haven issue, refer to the international policy response to it, and conclude with an argument for a way to think about the "fairness of the tax burden" in the age of globalization.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 20, 2016-Brazil's listing of Ireland as tax haven increases taxes on aircraft leasing
This has led research accountants at the University du Quebec a Montreal to comment that "Quebec is considered a genuine tax haven for businesses," given the high-quality services our social state offers companies and investors, who are the prime beneficiaries of public infrastructures, and the very low tax rate they pay.
Both tax evasion and tax avoidance, whether via an offshore tax haven or an anonymous establishment, undermine a tax system's ability to meet its three most important goals: (i) revenue generation; (ii) fair distribution of tax services burden across tax payers though not equally; and (iii) promote growth and equity.
WELLINGTON (CyHAN)- The New Zealand government was forced to defend its tax and trust regimes Monday amid increasing claims that the country was operating as an international tax haven.
Because defining a tax haven is subjective--and no one embraces that label--lawmakers are moving cautiously.