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collective value of taxable assets

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21) Though it would be ideal for there to be an entire range of such tax bases, and most especially a national value added tax (VAT) that the states can supplement, the property tax base is a reasonable place to start.
Because we've lost thousands of jobs in the forestry sector, it impacts all of us, so we need to make sure we grow that sector by providing opportunities for cheap, affordable, abundant energy and that will increase industry and tax base.
In the interim, in order to ameliorate the capital tax's effect, we recommend that the Quebec government harmonise the definition of its capital tax base with that of the Federal Large Corporations Tax, at least to the extent of the investment allowance deduction.
Of critical importance, according to Justice Breyer, was that Alabama law defined a domestic corporation's tax base as including only one item--the par value of capital stock--which a domestic company could set at whatever level it chose.
In its friend-of-the-court brief, TEI argued that the Constitution does not permit apportionment of a consolidated or unitary multistate tax base without taking into account the corresponding apportionment factors of the businesses in the group generating the income or value comprising the tax base.
The Agreement requires states to make a reasonable effort to provide notice of rate and tax base changes, and imposes limits on the effective date of local rate and boundary changes.
The majority of the district's tax base is composed of petroleum and natural gas related industries, led by Celanese Ltd, a chemical manufacturer of butane-based products (primarily acetic acid), that contributed 10% of fiscal 2007 total assessed valuation (TAV).
In respect of using IAS for company tax purposes, TEI is pleased to submit the following written comments on the Consultation Document, The application of International Accounting Standards (IAS) in 2005 and the implications for the introduction of a consolidated tax base for companies' EU-wide activities issued in February 2003 ("Consultation Document").
The Project's proposals will incorporate uniform definitions within tax bases, simplified audit and administrative procedures and emerging technologies to substantially reduce tax collection burdens.
In year two X would withdraw the $4,200 from savings and exclude the $200 interest income from her tax base, leaving her with net proceeds of $4,200.
The 'AA-' rating reflects the city's satisfactory financial position, moderate debt position, and a large and diverse tax base.
In determining the corporate tax base, most states require a corporation to add back state income taxes previously deducted in arriving at Federal taxable income.
Phase Two of the Project, which is expected to last throughout 2001, will address the development of additional uniform tax base definitions, the uniform tax return, and any recommended modifications to the model legislation arising from the conduct of the certified service provider pilot project.