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an official who evaluates property for the purpose of taxing it

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Scheid, who is president and regional tax assessor for RRG, said other companies are offering revaluation services to communities, but RRG is the only business in the state handling both revaluation and administrative functions, he said, maintaining a daily relationship with client communities.
Trump said corrupt tax assessors raised taxes at Trump World Tower, a 72-storey building near the United Nations, in order to cover up their scheme to lower taxes for certain landlords.
A homeowner who sees his property tax double will scream bloody murder at his druggist, who happens to moonlight as a local tax assessor, and if he doesn't see tangible improvements in exchange for his tax money-more streetlights and better paving, with more cops and better teachers much in evidence-he will buy his aspirin elsewhere, and otherwise get even.
By law we are required to keep records for 20 years, and it is vital that in the case of a disaster there will be no disruptions to our IT systems, especially regarding data access," said Steve Mossman, tax assessor, Denton County.
Three different stakeholders had interests in the outcome of the appeal: the Muses, the city tax assessor, and the LHC.
Notes: questions concerning the proposals may be directed to justian pound, tax assessor at tel: 910-259-1221.
We assigned records to a pre-1950 housing age category when their year of construction was omitted from the tax assessor record if the address was present in the 1949 city phone directory for Louisville; otherwise, the record was assigned to the 1950-or-more-recent housing age category (8).
They argued that the tax assessor improperly considered Walgreens' triple-net lease, which was above-market value.
Albert Uresti, Bexar County tax assessor, is against any increase in the fees.
The tax assessment scam has been uncovered last year when it became known that Albert Schussler, a tax consultant to some of the city's most affluent landlords and a former tax assessor, has been bribing former colleagues to reduce the taxes on his clients' buildings.
I can guarantee you that the tax assessor has bungled this one, 100 percent, no question about it,'' said Ralph Weber, a Los Angeles County manager for the Golden State Mobile Home Owners League.
State Tax Assessor,(4) Which required apportionment, factor representation in a unitary context.
Thereafter, securing payments derived from the increase in valuation of the tax increment district as valued by the city's tax assessor over the base valuation of Dec.
His research concurred with Tax Assessor Diane Kellys earlier assertion that the contract should be offered in spite of being the sole bid received.