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a leather strap for punishing children

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Gillian Tawse was then appointed full-time acting headteacher from Northburn Primary School in Cramlington in October 2013.
Prosecutor John Probert told Cardiff Crown Court in November 2012 that Tawse, 23, rang his victim's doorbell in a distraction burglary.
Cardiff Crown Court heard Tawse - who is currently in prison for making off with an 88-year-old woman's colostomy bag in a distraction burglary - approached the pensioner near to her Pontyclun home and offered to clean her gutters for PS200.
From left, Joe Jarvis, Jamie Anslow, Nicholas Tawse and Lee Stanley were also found guilty for their parts in the crime.
Jennifer Tawse, 32, was diagnosed last year after she was sent for tests on a painful ulcer on her tongue.
I can give you a thrashing with my paddle or my tawse.
I can give you a sound thrashing with my paddle, tawse, or with other implements that I have in my study.
However, on further investigation Dimmock and Tawse found that this was due to a faulty data analysis program; when the data were manually analyzed, chance results were obtained.
As well as the pounds 16,000 damages for Danielle, Bond Pearce lawyer Sarah Tawse also secured an agreement that will make Danielle eligible for further damages if complications arise.
In 1920, Tawse reported a patient with a unilateral supernumerary nostril that communicated with the nasal cavity.
two grandchildren, Aubrie Tawse Naylor and Grayson MacGowan Naylor of Suffolk, Va.
With lean, however, it's all about reducing waste," says Alex Tawse, CPA, CFO of the Kaizen Institute of America, a global management consulting company, in Austin, Texas.
The small to mid-size companies we work with want to be out front on green issues, and the biggest issue of all is global climate change," says Sylvia Tawse of The Fresh Ideas Group, a Boulder, Colorado, public relations firm.
Out on their farm - Pastures of Plenty, near Longmont, Colorado - Lyle Davis, his wife, Sylvia Tawse, and their four children dine together more often than city families perhaps.