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a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles


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The deployment of TAWS in the FA-18 in 2004 was a significant milestone in CFIT protection.
The TAWS algorithm continuously monitors realtime aircraft position, attitude, and altitude, and calculates the predicted aircraft-recovery flight path.
Taws, of Hexham House, Walker has plagued the public with his aggressive begging and has a long history of disorderly behaviour.
Taws, 33, was slapped with a two-year Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) after terrifying shop workers and passers-by with his rowdy rants.
Taws, of Hexham House, Walker, Newcastle, faces arrest and possible jail if he breaks the terms of his conditions.
Taws terrified shop staff and passers-by with his persistently aggressive begging.
Taws, 30, was given a three year rehabilitation order after admitting sex charges at Newcastle Crown Court.
Steven Taws has been prosecuted for more than a dozen offences in a criminal career spanning 12 years.
Completion of the gamma ray neutron logs on all of the wells will pin-point the exact depths for lateral kick-outs utilizing the unique radial jet drilling unit owned by TAWS and currently on-site.
Simply put, with IS&S, PC-12 owners get all the essential instrumentation required by the FAA, such as TCAS, TAWS, and RVSM, as well as digital flat-panel representations of Primary Flight Display (PFD) components--attitude direction indicator (ADI), horizontal situation indicator (HSI), altimeter, airspeed indicator, vertical speed indicator, and radio magnetic indicator.
L2 specializes in RVSM, TAWS, GPS and FMS among other avionics systems for virtually every aircraft type.
L2 specializes in RVSM, RAAS, TAWS, GPS and FMS among other avionics systems for virtually every aircraft type.
The TAWs are expected to sell on or about May 17 in a negotiated offering led by Siebert Brandford Shank & Co.
Our goal is to offer a program like TAWs that responds to their needs with the best possible interest rate.
When the TAWS portion of the T2CAS computer detects that the aircraft does not have sufficient climb capability to clear the terrain by a standard vertical recovery maneuver, it generates a unique identifiable "Avoid Terrain" aural-visual alert.