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Synonyms for taunt

Synonyms for taunt

to torment with persistent insult or ridicule

an instance of mockery or derision

good-natured teasing

Synonyms for taunt

aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing

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UNDER FIRE: Mido faces the jeering Newcastle fans, above, gesturing to the visiting supporters after scoring his side's opening goal yesterday, right Main image by Action Images/Lee Smith Livepic; JIBES: But the Boro fans are right behind Mido as they celebrate his equaliser Picture by MICHELLE MADDISON; IT'S A DISGRACE: Rob Nichols, right, speaking about the taunts at the Newcastle game Picture by DAVE CHARNLEY
Those taunts were for the most part relatively lighthearted.
Not only are feelings hurt when kids taunt other children, but experts say victims lose out on a good education and social life.
But the researchers said their trial showed most would prefer to be spared years of taunts and anxiety even if they had to have more corrective dental work later on.
Some furry little creatures are born to taunt rattlesnakes
Let's put aside their ignorance and concentrate on the legal aspect of abusing any disabled person, and ask ourselves; why, when the government introduced race laws, didn't it make penalties for using discrimination taunts against a disabled person carrying the same as a racial insult?
Spain coach Luis Aragones shamefully failed to condemn the racist taunts, hiding behind the claim that he would only talk about the game, which ended in a 1-0 victory for his side.
Cause when you are gay you can hide it from friends, but when you are fat the taunts never end.
Keogh ran out of a house in Oxford Road and battered O'Donnell after taunts from a crowd of youths.
A WOMAN who has set up home beside a busy road in Cardiff faces daily taunts by youths who throw water at her and shout abuse.
But once his schoolmates learned that Aaron figure-skated, they tilled his days with taunts and teasing that soon turned into punches, tripping, and finally group beatings.
But Judge Peter Ralls QC said any taunts were no justification for the attack and sentenced Walker to four and a half years.
A BNP demonstrator taunts the crowds in Church Street; Nick Griffin on the steps of St George's Hall
He would have got away with the racist taunts and other black players would have been subjected to similar abuse.
Everyone thought we had left the monkey taunts back in the 1970s and 80s - and certainly in Britain there has been a huge amount of progress made.