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Synonyms for taunt

Synonyms for taunt

to torment with persistent insult or ridicule

an instance of mockery or derision

good-natured teasing

Synonyms for taunt

aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing

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New London High School principal William ''Tommy'' Thompson III said a fight broke out after fans in Plainfield used the N-word in taunts against the players, called them ''monkeys'' and told them to ''get back in their cages'' when the players were heading to their buses Friday.
He told us that he was unable to tolerate the regular pressure and taunts by Anchal ( 29)," deputy commissioner of police ( Delhi west) V.
The federation is asking the officers not to react to taunts.
Aaron went through a season of real disgusting, threatening taunts.
He had them before and the vet believes they were brought on by the stress of all the taunts and attacks on him.
As she struggles with a prim grandmother and the death of her beloved mother, along with the taunts of a girl next door, Hattie discovers newfound courage to grow past her roots in this sequel to Hill Hawk Hattie, which even includes a dose of family mystery to spice an already-moving plot.
Rooney's agent said the man confronted the teenager about his controversial transfer last August, but denied claims that his client had lashed out and insisted the player had not responded to taunts.
The Trinidad and Tobago international had to suffer reported `monkey' taunts from two fans when warming up during the second half of his team's Premiership clash with his former club Blackburn at Ewood Park yesterday.
Former Blackburn star Yorke said he was the subject of monkey taunts by fans as he warmed up prior to his 74th-minute introduction as a substitute.
Illegal conduct--sometimes dismissed as "horseplay" or "locker-room antics"--increasingly includes sexual taunts, simulated sex acts, use of female pronouns, and threats of sexual aggression, she said.
He stopped going to the lunch room out of fear of taunts and he attempted suicide at age 16.
Sabina's Pfleger decides the school will not join the league unless policies are written to prevent unwarranted forfeitures and racial taunts.
She says the taunts had a dramatic effect on her own self confidence.
He, his Davis colleague Richard G, Coss, and their students staged snake-squirrel encounters in their laboratories, witnessing taunts and hair-breadth escapes that set the human observers' hearts racing.
IT WAS with mixed emotions and disbelief that I read of the cruel and sickening taunts hurled at that courageous veteran Matthew Weston (Birmingham Mail, October 2) by those awful yobs who ought to go down on their knees with grateful thanks for heroes like him.