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a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

a design on the skin made by tattooing

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the practice of making a design on the skin by pricking and staining

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stain (skin) with indelible color

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An Australian tattoo artist, who Karan claims invented eyeball tattooing, at a tattoo studio in New York, US - carried out the procedure on him.
Francis Street, I locate Razzouk Tattoo, one of the oldest tattoo establishments in the world, tattooing Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land.
But still tattooing was not a prevalent fashion in the western society, was just a very novel feature that people were only accepting with restraint.
For clarity, the possible restriction would not concern tattooing or tattooing services as such, but to ensure that all tattoo and permanent make-up inks placed on the EU market are safe.
To answer this question, this study examines whether tattooing differs among students enrolled in a program limited to academically advanced students who were part of an Honors Program.
His personal highlight was tattooing dancer Vicky Balch, who had to have her leg amputated following a rollercoaster crash at Alton Towers last June.
In addition, about 3% said they had a tattoo that had become infected; these people were significantly more likely to have more tattoos and to have undergone more tattooing sessions, compared with those who had not had an infected tattoo, reported Dr.
Patange says that for him, tattooing is a religion he follows very strongly.
It means I can just wake up, go downstairs, and start tattooing.
The practice and ritual of tattooing human skin has existed in all parts of the world and in most cultures for thousands of years.
Tattooing is a practice that dates back to the birth of civilisation -- the mummy of Amunet from Ancient Egypt is said to have be inked.
People interested in tattoos should be informed on its related infections and complications during and following tattooing.
Tattooing, which started off as mere tribal markings across the world (Africa precisely) evolved into a trend of which only the holders know the meaning and not hundred other tribe mates.