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prone to communicate confidential information

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Teachers may have to hear tattling many times a day, and thus it can become a time-consuming nuisance.
Appelbaum is an author and expert on children, education and families, and she describes the steps needed to handle such behaviors as tattling, bullying and anger.
95) receives Pam Paparone's color drawings as it tells of pig siblings and problems which arise over tattling.
Branches would not detach from the root;/the tattling wind/revealed no worthy secret/to the leaves.
People who showed up at community meetings were looking for an alternative to tattling on their neighbors.
A bacterial species that typically colonizes people's noses may win out over another bacterium by tattling to the human immune system, a new study suggests.
A former slave put the matter succinctly when he said that "they taught us to be against one another and no matter where you would go you would always find one that would be tattling and would have the white folks pecking on you.
According to his management, Gately outed himself after discovering someone planned on tattling to a tabloid about his love for Eloy de Jong, 26, a Dutch pop star whom he has been seeing for six months.
On top of the fines, Tom and Nicole also expect tattling staff to hand over any cash they were paid for the information.