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Synonyms for tasty

Synonyms for tasty

showing good taste

Antonyms for tasty

pleasing to the sense of taste

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Quick, tasty and gratifying, A'Saffa's pure, tender, juicy and crispy chicken burgers are crafted from chicken breasts and are best enjoyed on a fresh toasted burger bun, with a slice of tomato, lettuce and cheese.
The agreement brings together two food businesses focused on delivering healthy, tasty and convenient foods.
All production activities are being carried out by Preferred Brands subsidiary in India, Tasty Bite Eatables, at its plant located in Pune.
Created by lifestyle concept creator Jo Beach, Tasty Little Numbers takes calorie guessing out of the equation for the time and health conscious consumer.
Established in Dunmurry in 1990, Tasty Foods has grown into a key player in the local food industry.
We have since been contacted by Liz Carlisle-Bevan, who owns the right to use the name Tasty Bites and has run several cafes of that name in the city over the years.
Tasty Bite, Kohinoor, and Deep Indian Gourmet spice their lentil, chickpea, and kidney bean dishes just the way they do in Calcutta or Madras or Delhi.
Mince fairly thick and stodgy in texture and the sauce isn't that creamy, but fairly tasty overall.
03 for eight ounces), made from rice milk, to be particularly tasty.
To pick up your tasty treat, just cut out the voucher on the right and take it to your local Greggs bakery tomorrow only.
Because of the government's reefer madness, the American people may soon be denied the pleasures of certain citrusy sodas, soothing lip balms, and tasty nut butters.
95 lunch) displays freshly cooked, nicely presented, tasty, homey food like roast beef, baked chicken, fried fish, pepper steak, pork chops and Swedish meatballs.
Well that's what 25 lucky Sunday People readers will win in our pan-tastic new Kingsmill Tasty Crust competition.
Scotland is renowned for its abundance of high quality fresh : ingredients and this - along with the vast range of delicious products from KNORR - make a tasty combination.
Your strolls around the harbor will work up your appetite, so take a break at Delicious Landing or Nutmeg for a tasty meal of conch or fresh fish with spicy rice and peas.