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Synonyms for tastefulness

the faculty or sense of discerning what is aesthetically pleasing or appropriate


Antonyms for tastefulness

elegance indicated by good taste

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In terms of the flow of exterior lines, interior fit and finish, the comfort of its seats and the tastefulness of its cabin, it will feel right at home in a Mercedes showroom.
The tastefulness of Taylor's art (her father was an art dealer) consorts rather uneasily with some of the other, less exalted collections captured by Opie's camera, as demonstrated in the second photo, a close-up view of several toys laid out on the lavender carpet in the actress's bedroom.
562, 566 (1893) ("Rival manufacturers may lawfully compete for the patronage of the public in the quality and price of their goods, in the beauty and tastefulness of their enclosing packages, in the extent of their advertising, and in the employment of agents, but they have no right, by imitative devices, to beguile the public into buying their wares under the impression they are buying those of their rivals.
Too much tastefulness is dull and too much fun is tacky.
accessibility of fish to the food, its tastefulness, availability of food in the environment and lastly the cost of capture of food (Mustafa, 1976; Jafri and Mustafa, 1977; Strauss, 1979; Lazzaro, 1987; Al- Akel et al.
Much of the tastefulness of the resort's design is due to its founder Klaus Schleusener, a retired professor from IIT Madras who stayed back in Kerala.
Because I assimilated Lichtenstein's paintings as an affront to convention and to what I perceived as the stultifying and exclusive tastefulness and establishment decorum of the WASP world.
We wanted to make a sexy ad that maintains a level of tastefulness and encourages seniors to enjoy their sex lives - safely," he added.
The many graphically written scenes, especially those depicting abuse and killing, push the boundaries of tastefulness without any obvious purpose.
So in my view, and contrary to most of the commentators who sent messages that can be read in footnote 12, one should not focus either on the tastefulness of what is taught, or on the position of most academics on the left-right or any other political spectrum.
In this pounds 12,000 version you get some leather trim, the relevant electric switches and musical accessories, seven airbags, hands free, air conditioning and general tastefulness.
In addition to its flavor, tastefulness, and good service, Din Tai Fung has established a standardized hygiene, food preparation, and cookery procedure that many other Chinese restaurants fail to develop.
The beauty of the setting, the grace of the woman's posture, and the tastefulness of her attire had transformed her almost beyond recognition.
Initial publicity photographs presented a demurely seated and feminine figure admitting nervousness about the role, but nevertheless insisting on the tastefulness of the portrayal.