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Now you just set these pots and pans round tastefully, and sort of tidy up a bit, for Aunt Jessie insists on doing some of the work, and I want it to be decent here.
The leaves were of the finest vellum, with tastefully designed illuminations all round them.
The tastefully designed cover is by a famous artist, Mr.
To these, he applied himself with such steadiness and perseverance that, although he brought no greater amount of previous knowledge to the subject than certain dim recollections of two or three very long sums entered into a ciphering-book at school, and relieved for parental inspection by the effigy of a fat swan tastefully flourished by the writing-master's own hand, he found himself, at the end of a fortnight, in a condition to report his proficiency to Mr Linkinwater, and to claim his promise that he, Nicholas Nickleby, should now be allowed to assist him in his graver labours.
Graham, a tolerably spacious and lofty room, but obscurely lighted by the old-fashioned windows, the ceiling, panels, and chimney-piece of grim black oak - the latter elaborately but not very tastefully carved, - with tables and chairs to match, an old bookcase on one side of the fire-place, stocked with a motley assemblage of books, and an elderly cabinet piano on the other.
My investigations in the villa have shown me several fine pictures and statues; furniture tastefully selected, and admirably made; and a conservatory of the rarest flowers, the match of which it would not be easy to find in all London.
The Waterworks, which are on a height near the city, are no less ornamental than useful, being tastefully laid out as a public garden, and kept in the best and neatest order.
It was tastefully though economically furnished, and very neatly arranged.
Contract awarded for 2016 year tastefully understated rooms Girls~~ High School Uniform (winter clothing, Havok) purchase school sponsored Bidding
You may be surprised to discover stylish apartments, modern designer homes and tastefully refurbished listed buildings are now included in the expanding Regenda property portfolio.
Veronica Clift of Junction City has become an independent consultant with Tastefully Simple Inc.
THIS Victorian house has been tastefully renovated and sits in generous mature gardens.
WITHIN a tastefully converted period building, this attractive apartment is available on an unfurnished basis.
PARIS Hilton set tongues wagging by parading around LA with a diamond-encrusted piece of bling on her ring finger - tastefully fashioned (not) into the shape of her new boyfriend's initials.
Twelve members of staff agreed to pose - tastefully - in their birthday suits for a 2008 calendar in aid of the Stockton charity.