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someone who samples food or drink for its quality

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My fellow taste-tester opted for Zuppa del Giorno, aka soup of the day, which was vegetable and I choose pollo picante, or breaded chicken bites, to start, with coke to drink.
DISH UP YOUR VERDICT SOME old favourites will remain on the menu at the White Lion, but the lucky taste-tester will be able to sample mouth-watering new dishes such as:
Shirley Fannin said a test revealed that the employee, who works as a taste-tester and does not handle food served to students, had perhaps been infected with the virus in the past, but that the employee no longer has hepatitis A.
Whittard of Chelsea's White Chocolate Milkshake with raspberries POPPY, aged one: No actual words from our little taste-tester, but the fact that she wouldn't let go of the mug until every drop was finished, indicated that she loved it
But in the future, microwave technology may play a taste-tester role that could mean fresh fruits and vegetables arrive at the table with even more fresh, just-picked flavor.
Mirror taste-tester Samm Taylor decided to put five of the top supermarket toffee puddings to the test.
Over two thirds of our taste-testers loved Gold from Flora, saying it "tastes delicious
In all, they worked with samples from about 850 domestic and imported avocados and analyzed more than 4,500 observations from 15 to 20 taste-testers.
In this new experiment, 99 taste-testers (46 males and 53 female) sampled a "comfort" food-one that is associated with emotions, versus a food that is not, while listening to the same piece of music which had been re-composed as classical, jazz, hip-hop and rock.
Consumer Reports says its expert taste-testers judged 33 of 57 store brand food items to be as good as or better than the big name brand.
The retailer said all new Gold Emblem items adhere to new ingredient guidelines, and each product is evaluated by an in-house taste panel and an external third-party panel of professional taste-testers to provide feedback.
Child taste-testers had loved the horror theme, but the skull and crossbones logo with its tagline "healthy horrible food" left a bad taste in the mouths of parents and supermarket bosses.
They then put those components together in different combinations and give these versions to human taste-testers who evaluate the foods.
We sent Lia, our resident foodie, to talk with four of the student taste-testers at Greathouse/Shryock Traditional Elementary School.
According to results from dozens of volunteer taste-testers who participated in the studies, infrared heating doesn't detestably alter the mild taste, smooth texture, attractive appearance, or other characteristics that make almonds one of the most popular tree nuts.