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an epithelial cell in a taste bud that activates sensory fibers of the facial nerve or the glossopharyngeal nerve or the vagus nerve

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Taste cells on the skin of searobins and rocklings detect the chemicals (sort of the way you might be able to taste what's in the bathwater after your filthy little brother sat in the tub for a while).
Similarly, if we can pinpoint how the taste cells transmit information to the brain, we might be able to trick the brain into thinking it doesn't need more fat.
Additional studies revealed that the Lgr5-expressing cells were capable of becoming any one of the three major taste cell types.
When a gut taste cell detects sweet, it triggers a cascade of molecular events, a simplified view of which is shown here.
These two studies from the Roche Institute have identified the molecular targets in the taste cell responsible for sweet and bitter taste perception.
The SGLT1 sensor is a transporter that moves glucose into the sweet taste cell when sodium is present, thus triggering the cell to register sweetness.
If we want to know how sour works, we need to measure activity specifically in the sour sensitive taste cells and determine what is special about them that allows them to respond to protons," said Emily Liman, associate professor of neurobiology in the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
This prompted Ninomiya to wonder whether the taste cells in these mice are hypersensitive to sugars as well.
They discovered that sodium chloride tastes saltier than sodium linked to other anions because chloride is small enough to worm its way into taste buds, where it affects the way taste cells perceive sodium.
Compared with slimmer counterparts, the plump mice had fewer taste cells that responded to sweet stimuli.
Cockroaches that don't fall for traps' sweet poisons have evolved taste cells that register sugar as bitter.
Stimulation of Taste Cells by Sweet Taste Compounds.
Sweet taste cells have turned out to be quite complex," said researcher Dr Karen Yee, from the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia, US.
ENJOYING a glass of bubbly may actually depend on our taste cells, rather than the bursting of bubbles on the tongue, scientists revealed today.
ENJOYING champagne may depend on our taste cells rather than bubbles on the tongue.