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one of two pieces of armor plate hanging from the fauld to protect the upper thighs

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Tasset and ILF believe that by using an integral approach to understanding the cause of extreme poverty in specific communities and countries, followed by an integral approach to a differential diagnosis and subsequent development strategy, that a country can make significant positive changes in a single generation.
Dan Tasset, founder of ILF also returned from a separate mission the week before, providing food and supplies to the areas devastated by Hurricanes Hanna and Ike.
Tony Tasset, Judy, 1998, still from a color film in 35 mm, 6 seconds.
Contractor address : 13 rue de la Barrade ZI du Pont de Tasset
Contesting the progress-and-mastery saga of twentieth century modernism, Chicago-based artist Tony Tasset spent much of the 1980s and '90s meticulously crafting insolent, critical objects, and the nine works represented in this ten-year survey (1986-96) unambiguously assert his past affinity for blunt deconstructionist strategies.
Between then and now, a healthy variety of artists have taken oedipal aim at the art of that time: Back in the '80s, for example, Tony Tasset based upholstered-furniture-like works on Donald Judd's serial arrangements of boxes, and more recently, in a different vein, Karen Kilimnik has worked on the scatter principle, converting it from a formal and theoretical rethinking of artmaking methodology into an eccentric meditation on fashion and postadolescent yearning.
Back in the '80s, at least for a little while, Tony Tasset was one of a number of artists playing games with the heritage of Minimalism, building cubes and boxes that made you think of Donald Judd and then upholstering them plushly in leather.
Contractor address : ZA du Pont de Tasset 11 rue de la Barrade
In preparation for the event, William MacMillan, the conservator at the Higgins, recently climbed a ladder to take a close look at the condition of each of the suits of armor, which consist of a breastplate, a backplate, tassets and a helmet with a down-turned brim.
Comprising a close helmet, breastplate and tassets (thigh protectors), backplate, gorget (collar) and shoulder plates, the suit is associated with a number of finely-etched north German armours made in the early 1560s for the dukes of Brunswick, their court and their men-at-arms.