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a temporary military unit formed to accomplish a particular objective

a semipermanent unit created to carry out a continuing task

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On my third day in country, Combined Joint Task Force Bravo, which had been operating for nearly 5 months, began planning and preparation for redeployment of more than 250 military transport and heavy construction vehicles to the seaport.
As a preliminary matter, the task force confirmed that the TAM process has evolved and is now being used more as a vehicle for obtaining generic legal advice rather than as a means to render taxpayer-specific guidance.
The Task Force should characterize the degree of change likely and/or desirable in industry due to the changing nature of DoD and the industrial base.
State regulators continually seek ways to gain efficiencies and leverage the credit assessment work done by others such as the NRSRO to preserve limited SVO resources," Howard Mills, chairman of the valuation of securities task force and New York's insurance superintendent, said in a statement.
The AICPA Private Company EBR Task Force, chaired by Harold Monk, CPA, CFE, managing partner of Florida-based Davis Monk and Co.
The task force, hatched by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, was launched by Cardenas and Los Angeles Assistant Chief Sharon Papa and follows the lead of such cities as Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.
The Task Force is not in the port operations business.
Task force members have made several recommendations, such as school dress codes, truancy enforcement, a youth teen center, and ordinances to restrict alcohol and tobacco use by minors to combat the growing crime trend.
From 1983 to 1985 Castellano chaired the AICPA Technical Issues Committee, and he served on a FASB task force on private and small public companies.
There are major changes happening in rural America," said Mark Schwiebert, an Ohio farmer who served as chair of the task force.
Appointed as task force members were: Bishop Peter Coffin of Ottawa; Bishop Michael Bedford-Jones, suffragan of Toronto; Canon Linda Nicholls; Cynthia Haines Turner; Patricia Bays and Canon Timothy Connor.
The report was prepared by the SSTS Quality Control Task Force (chaired by Joe Scutellaro).
In November 2001, the ARL announced the formation of a Task Force on Special Collections charged with developing an action plan to address a set of issues related to special collections deemed significant by the ARL Board and membership.
The single-stream method is one of several options New York City's recycling task force is looking at as it attempts to alter and adjust its recycling program to fiscal solvency.
But unsettling because both the praise and the laments offered by the members of the Koret Task Force seem strangely disconnected from (or at downright variance with) the national concerns that first gave rise to Risk, as well as from its intent and sometimes its actual words.
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