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Synonyms for tartness

the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

a sharp sour taste


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a rough and bitter manner

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The purpose of this study was to determine consumer preference for apples based on appearance, flavor, sweetness, tartness, and firmness of fruit at harvest, and after harvest storage.
Crisp Enterprise has creamy flesh, medium-fine texture, a spicy aroma, and mild tartness.
The raw, fresh tuna in the carpaccio had no fishy aftertaste, and the capers and onions added just the right tartness.
Tonna Miller has a perfect timbre for Sophie, sweet, with a slight and welcome tartness.
The treated meat has a subtle tartness and "a really mild cherry flavor that doesn't detract from the keynotes of the hamburger," Gray says.
Other new flavors from Jelly Belly are Apricot, a sunny bean made with real puree of apricots; Mango, inspired by the juicy, rich Manilla mangos of the tropics and Plum, lush and ripe with just a hint of tartness from the "skin" of the plum.
These include a Cherry & Berry flavor, which blends the sweetness of beets with the fresh tartness of black currant and cherries, and regular Beet Juice, both of which are available in a 20 oz.
A boozy malty aroma bursts out when the bottle pops open, with just a bit of tropical fruit, while it pours a slightly hazy amber bronze and has a citrus tartness, with a dry bitter finish Finally I chose the Zombier, a collaboration between Scotland's Fyne Ales and award-winning home brewers Jake Griffin and Chris Lewis.
Liz Melby of Harpoon says the new shandy is light-bodied and sweet, with a hint of tartness.
Grand Cru is a 'Belgian Red Ale' that has been aged in oak tuns for at least 18 months, giving a tartness to the beer, before being blended with a version of the beer that is only a few weeks old.
2 LEMON juice is used widely in cooking due to its tartness and its low sugar content.
The novice cooks will be shown how to make recipes healthier, how to experiment with cooking techniques and use spices and herbs to provide sweetness, tartness and taste.
On the palate bright gooseberries are predominant, but their tartness is tempered by the bold mineral tang.
There is a sudden tartness and freshness of the lime in Lime Granola with the crunch that the granola provides.
But the sweetness of that gingerbread, and slight tartness of the cherries, however wellbehaved with the food, refused to give the wine an easy time.