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the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg

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This space is free of the subepithelial adhesions that bind the superior palpebral conjunctiva to the tarsal plate.
The posterior lamella includes the tarsal plate and the palpebral conjunctiva.
Also, the flexible nature of a chain allows for better alignment of the implant with the contour of the tarsal plate.
A chalazion is a chronic, sterile, lipgranulomatous inflammation of the meibomian gland within the tarsal plate (Table 1) (Figure 1).
We defined VKC on the basis of history and the presence of conjunctival papillae 1mm diameter over the upper tarsal plate and/or limbal hypertrophy.
It is an easier and safer procedure as does not require penetration of tarsal plate or cyst wall.
It is helpful to consider the eyelid as having an anterior and posterior portion; anteriorly consisting of the subcutaneous skin, eyelash and glands of Zeis and Moll; posteriorly, the tarsal conjunctiva and the tarsal plate housing the meibomian glands.
5 cm, had distinct margins, and was firmly adherent to the tarsal plate.