taro plant

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herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves

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Time-course activity of PR-proteins in taro plant infected with P.
Men say that if one harvests a taro before the third round of weeding, then one steals it from kwiyam's grip--his holding claws are imagined to be the roots of the taro plant, and the hold is released only as the plant reaches maturity.
Gardeners in Bolivip talk of their taro plants and children with the same considerable affection, often being moved to tears in discussing their distant gardens with me.
Further taro plants are obtained from those with whom one chooses to garden.
Taro plants may be like all of those things: a face, a hand, a body, an umbilicus, a fire-hearth, a mountain edge or even Afek's vulva, but yet they are not all of these things in the same moment, arranged behind some concealed hierarchy of deeper secret truth.
Angkaiyakmin inspect taro plants as artefacts of the social relationships producing them.
Dappled fur and yellow-brown skin, however, are not merely reminiscent of a dying taro plant, but are physical manifestations of 'something else' which, in the case of taro (but not in marsupials or frogs) causes sickness and death.
malaria), while simultaneously bringing to mind the trembling of a thriving taro plant.
Banks' record suggests a considerable number of taro plants were growing in the vicinity.