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Target definition and reporting requirements in the frameworks
Pre-tax return on average active equity was 19 per cent, versus three per cent, while per the firm's target definition, pre-tax return on average active equity was 20 per cent, versus negative four per cent.
However, leadtime is a big factor, with two years taken by target definition and contract-of-work (COW) negotiations [with the government].
How retailers arrive at a target definition can be better understood in terms of the process described in the previous section.
The GWX 70 combines exceptional range and adjustable scanning profiles with precision target definition for accurate, real-time weather analysis in the cockpit.
Other advantages of CHIRP include vastly increased target definition, the ability to detect targets at higher boat speeds and in greater depths, and finer target resolution to more easily distinguish between bait, fish, structure and bottom.
Usually, the central bank will take action at its own discretion, when such a response is not already built into the target definition, and then explain its actions.
Midlands' initial discovery and target definition drill holes continue to emphasize the potential for a large shallow, potentially bulk-mineable gold deposit at both Mmooho and Kaniago West.
In order to conduct the comparison we focused on five components of an inflation-targeting framework: the inflation target definition, communication of monetary policy, secondary considerations, assessment of inflation-targeting performance, and framework reviews and revisions, says the articles author, Senior Economic Analyst Amber Wadsworth.
Target Audience--clarity of target definition and depth of understanding about the target's motivations.
This underground sampling and mapping coupled with surface geologic mapping may provide target definition of near surface copper porphyry mineralization which could underlie the lithocap.