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the location of the target that is to be hit

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The school's campus abuts much of the target area along Main Street.
The field of view area of the thermometer at a selected distance should be smaller than the target area of the blackbody unit.
To deploy the Special Investigation Unit, which will apply for search warrants at locations within the target area in response to the UC and CI intelligence, throughout the duration of the program
As we hit the IP, the E-2C was still calling a group capping in the target area.
In the 1980's, prospectors had found some of the chemical properties of indicator minerals in these potential target areas, but weren't finding gem quality diamonds, he adds.
The emphasis is now placed on the multi-joint movement, while the single-joint exercise is used as more of a "finisher" for the target area.
The thirty-nine census tracts that make up the target area of interest to the committee differ from the county over all in some demographic characteristics.
First, the mounting location for the source must be established so that it will cover the appropriate target area.
PJX is currently focused on trenching part of the M1 target area to assess the orientation and controls on gold mineralization found at surface.
Almost all of the towns around West Boylston are in an economic target area now.
Deeley said nearly 38 percent of homes in the city of Lancaster are rental properties, while 67 percent of the homes in the target area, from Avenue I to Avenue H and from Fig to Beech Avenue, are rental properties.
One potential roadblock involves the residents of the target area.
Hahn's office reported that between 1997 and 1999, robberies in the target area went down by 62 percent and burglaries decreased by 28 percent.
Furthermore, the court noted that the prohibition only extended to the 4-block target area (Rocksprings) and applied only during those hours of the day in which most of the criminal and intimidating conduct occurs.
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